Competition - Prototyping Round

1-20 June 2024

Requirements and Submissions

Carlo Rino Goal:

  • To create and intuitive and visually captivating online shopping experience that seamlessly guide users to the latest collection, fosters exploration and simplifies the patch to purchase, reflecting the brand's commitment to style and innovate.

Competition (Mock-ups) Phase

  1. Participants must create mock-ups visual representations of a user interface, with a higher level of detail and fidelity than wireframes.
  2. The submission of the mockups must be in pdf document and Figma link.
  3. The participants must submit their wireframes in pdf format with a description in detail about their wireframes.
  4. Clearly state the group name and members name and institution.
  5. Landing page must be able to have a high conversion rate and Call to Action(CTA).
  6. The mock-up’s must be between 12-30 pages (Carlo Rino web mock-up’s User Interfaces). The UIs is not limited to below pages and the design and navigation flows must be based on the participants' creative and innovative solutions.
    • Homepage
    • About page
    • Contact page
    • Product page
    • New Collection page
    • Shopping guide page
    • My account page
    • My shopping cart page
    • My Wishlist page
    • Membership page
    • Blog page
    • Privacy policy page
    • Terms of Service page
    • FAQ page
  7. The mock-up’s evaluation criteria include:
    • User interface (layout, typography, colour scheme, visual elements, and interactive elements).
    • Usability aspects shown in the mock-up’s and explained (example: efficient, effective, memorable, learnable, error-free, desktop, laptop and mobile responsive.
    • Impact aspects such as positive user experience to the consumer or target user (user persona), Discoverability of Call to Action and others.
    • High conversion rate of Landing Page.
    • Web performance is a crucial aspect of web development that focuses on the speed at which pages load, as well as how responsive they are to user input.
    • Responsive design between different platforms (example desktop view and mobile view).
  8. Provide the Figma link. If the link is long, please  use or any URL shortener.
  9. The team must provide a between 2-5 mins video showcasing their web design.
  10. The successful shortlisted participants will be informed via email.
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